Stay Motivated And Keep Moving

poster-316690_1280Why is it so tough to stay motivated for your workout? Laziness could be one reason (which I confess to at times!), but the problem runs much more deeply where many overweight women are concerned. In this article, we’ll talk about those reasons and provide some inspiration to other ladies who want to remain motivated to work out.


You can’t expect instant results from your exercise regimen. Think of your metabolism as though it is a heavy, fast-moving object that has to stop and turn itself around. Your body is in a downward spiral caused by inactivity and poor nutrition. The whole system has to stop moving downhill and turn around. In the meantime, you think nothing you do makes any difference. People around you don’t help if they say negative things or encourage you to give up and just accept that you’re fat or say you will never succeed.


Weigh scales show weight, not fat percentage, bone density, or how muscular you are. Fat weighs less than muscle. While you have been working out, burning fat, your body has been developing muscle: quads, biceps, triceps, abdominal muscles, and so on. They are all bigger and heavier so the numbers can be misleading.

Lower weight could also be a sign of water loss. In the first few days most of what you lose is water. As weight loss slows down part of the reason is that you aren’t water-logged anymore, so it looks like the workout is no longer effective. Furthermore, most bodies reach a plateau where burning fat becomes more difficult just to make the whole project more complicated.

Remain Motivated to Work Out

Join a weight loss support group with a positive attitude and solution-oriented approach. Don’t pick one that favors gimmicky food replacements. Choose to engage with a collection of women who want to lose weight and are willing to help each other.

Boredom is a profound diet killer for those who aren’t naturally sporty. Form a running or walking group made up of women at a similar fitness level. Make exercise a social time worth looking forward to. Choose a variety of exercises so you don’t get bored with workouts but fit weight-bearing moves in there at least a couple of times weekly. Muscle burns fat at rest.

Spending more time with positive dieters leaves less time for negative influences; besides, are nay-sayers working this hard? Take comfort in the fact that you show up with running shoes on.

Stop measuring pounds and start measuring inches. Before getting started, take measurements of arms, legs, waist, hips, and bust. Revisit those numbers every two weeks and no sooner. If you try to hurry things along and go looking for positive encouragement every week or sooner, sadness and discouragement await you.

Prepare for weeks when the numbers on your scale don’t accurately depict fat loss. Fat doesn’t literally turn into muscle, but muscle development could cause you to gain weight at times or the two will cancel each other out. If you have a lot of weight to lose that won’t happen until you get closer to your weight loss goal.