Most Popular Weight Loss Supplements

pills-347609_640Okay! Let’s weigh in (pun intended) on today’s most popular weight loss supplements!

Weight loss isn’t rocket science, but an entire industry wants you to think otherwise. So-called gurus assure people that if they eat a brand of meal replacements or take special capsules, these will take the place of hard work and healthy eating. They also suggest that anyone can have a body like a movie star.

Weight Loss Supplements

Supplements that have been hot in the past ten years originate in exotic countries, rarely in developed nations, so these are places where residents depend on nature for food. There are no vending machines in the bush. The people of these nations are naturally slender or even skinny because they don’t get as much food as Westerners and they don’t eat packaged, refined stuff: junk food, essentially.

These trends suggest that if you take this or that pill for 6 weeks or longer, you will lose weight without doing anything differently. Several plants are said to naturally speed up fat loss by stimulating your metabolism. Others suppress appetite. The famous one right now is Garcinia Cambogia, but this won’t do you much good without cleansing too.

Raspberry Keytones, Green Tea, Green Coffee Beans, and Mango Seed were some recent additions to the weight loss market. Scientists believe these are nothing but scams. Many products contain less of the active ingredient and more fillers.

Detox Diet

Cleansing is a popular weight loss trend in its own right but more grueling than the others because one usually has to cut out certain foods. Caffeine definitely has to go. Consumers find they are hungry, tired, and stools are loose so they get cramps. With no caffeine in their systems they suffer headaches. A few days later, participants feel better; thinner. Later, their bodies are cleaner on the inside and they might have lost some fat. It’s more likely the weight was water, but often people suffer fewer cravings for sugar after a detox lasting 2 weeks or more.

Food Supplements

Another way to lose weight according to weight loss experts is by replacing real food with supplements. These are fashioned to contain appetite suppressants, vitamins, flavoring, and lots of protein. When mixed with milk, juice, or water, they create a supposedly filling meal that’s complete. Added protein (often whey or soy) plus fiber should make you feel satisfied. The trouble is they often contain sugar or sugar replacements which are processed and unhealthy. Supplements also cost a lot of money.

Several programs, like the Atkins Diet, promote their own brand of bars and shakes. Read the labels though: these are not nutritionally valuable foods. You’d be better off eating a big cookie. As for many other “diet shakes,” they are just glorified cans of powdered sugar and refined carbohydrates (like Slim Fast which I wouldn’t touch!). They also contain unpronounceable ingredients. Never trust food you can’t pronounce.

Trend in Health

Another health trend is really just a throwback to old-fashioned eating: the whole food diet. Choose foods that have not been packaged or altered in any way, cut back on meat, and eat loads of veggies. This is a trend that will actually do you some good.