Five Foods Nutritionists Avoid

pringles-331944_640Most dietitians and nutritionists would tell clients to eat whole food but to treat themselves to sweets or unhealthy snacks once in a while. Almost everything is okay as long as consumers exercise moderation. Are there any foods nutritionists avoid entirely; foods that make their hair stand on end? These dietary professionals usually hone in on items which pose as responsible options but are really no healthier than fast food. Nutritionists are concerned because many people are fooled into buying them. Here are five such foods which everyone should stay away from.

Most Breakfast Cereals

Healthy parents know better than to feed their children colored cereals featuring chocolate, marshmallows, and loads of sugar. What they might not realize is that refined cereals (even the low-sugar ones) aren’t much better. Processed ingredients turn into sugar rapidly in the blood stream, causing blood sugar levels to spike sharply then drop rapidly. That spike is going to end in a dramatic crash rapidly and will leave your kids feeling hungry, grumpy, and tired.

Alternatives include oats and other cooked cereals (ones packaged without sugar and flavoring) or a cooked breakfast of poached or scrambled eggs served with whole grain bread and fresh fruit. Serve plain yogurt plus muesli and fruit if you don’t have time to cook in the morning.

Frozen Dinners

Pre-packaged lasagna, meat pie, and so-called “healthy choices” are visually appealing and convenient, but read labels. They have to be preserved in order to last 6 months or longer in the freezer section of your grocery store and then 3 more in the consumer’s fridge-freezer. The list of ingredients on each package is likely to include lots of sugar and salt but also ingredients you wouldn’t keep in the pantry and use in your own cooking. If you need a quick meal, make a salad and top it with baked chicken.

Canned Soup

Once more, sugar content is high plus there’s MSG to consider; a potential carcinogen. A so-called “vegetable” soup might not contain more than a tablespoon of carrots. The amount of table salt in a recipe is often disturbing as well, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure. Homemade soup is a breeze to make with all-natural bouillon cubes, real vegetables, herbs, and cooked beef or chicken.

Snack Bars

Some snack bars are okay, but a lot of them are advertised as healthy options even though their ingredients (and proportions of ingredients) make them no better than cookies. If you’re serving dessert, be honest about it. At least hunt down the best of these bars containing only whole food and keep them in reserve for emergencies.

Fruit Snacks

As soon as you replace real fruit with fruit snacks you know there’s a problem. What makes the fruit snack more appealing than an apple or sliced pineapple? It’s the sugar. You might as well take a package of wine gums to work. Sure, these are low or non-fat foods, but fruit snacks are virtually void of nutrition too. Consumers are only fooling themselves if they think a gummy-style fruit-like treat is any different from candy.